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  • Avena Sativa Plus - 50ml

    Avena Sativa Plus - 50ml


    Natural aphrodisiac and vitaliser


  • Pinnacle Herbal Cream

    Pinnacle Herbal Cream


    Pinnacle Herbal Cream is for a wide range of muscle, joint and skin conditions. 


  • Pinnacle Respiratory Mix

    Pinnacle Respiratory Mix


    Respiratory Mix is a liquid herbal formulation that has been specifically developed to target a wide range of minor upper respiratory conditions.


  • Pinnacle Herbal Tonic 500mls

    Pinnacle Herbal Tonic 500mls


    Pinnacle - Herbal Tonic 500ml


  • Pinnacle Vitex & Wild Yam

    Pinnacle Vitex & Wild Yam


    Vitex & Wild Yam is a liquid herbal formulation traditionally used for the relief of the unpleasant symptoms often associated with women’s menstrual and menopausal disorders.


  • Pinnacle Ginkgo Biloba

    Pinnacle Ginkgo Biloba


    To make Pinnacle Ginkgo Biloba we use multiple extraction methods on concentrated preparations of Ginkgo Biloba leaf - 50 parts Ginkgo to 1 part water/alcohol. We then measure the active components of the Ginkgo extract to ensure that it contains a clinically proven concentration of the herb’s active components. This, combined with its easily absorbed liquid formulation, is why we believe that Pinnacle Ginkgo Biloba is the best Ginkgo Biloba extract you can buy today.


  • Pinnacle Sr Johns Wort

    Pinnacle Sr Johns Wort



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