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Marilyn Whall Neutral Bay healing Psychic reading Sydney
Marilyn Whall

Marilyn channels her energies into the realm of the otherworldly to deliver idiosyncratic and therefore evidential, revelations through the higher planes of clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. Marilyn is a professional who through a unique gift has the ability to connect directly with the spirit world and receive messages of inspiration and guidance for an audience disposed to expand their awareness and understanding of life.

Deserving of status and a reputation that precedes her presence, Marilyn transports messages individually and by assemblage and a series of "intimate evenings".
Life need not be a miasma of uncertainty, fear and questions, take the step, reach out, unravel and resolve and share the privilege of some time with Marilyn, before she begins her overseas commitments in the next few months.

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