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Leanne Varga

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Inspired "blissologist" or "well-being practitioner", Leanne Varga, has drawn on her knowledge of reflexology, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and massage to develop a unique body healing experience. Through combining these disciplines, Leanne is able to harness the inner peace hiding within you to nurture your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony.

Leanne believes that health and well being is not simply a physical process. Our health is the sum total of our state of mind, our emotional state, our outlook on life, our culture, belief systems, and of course, diet. If we are truly at peace within ourselves, our body will be at "ease". It is only through stress that the body falls into a state of "dis-ease". The practical formula to being vital in this world is simple: Proper diet, exercise, rest and relaxation. In the West, we focus too heavily on diet and exercise being the main components to good health and have not placed enough value on rest and relaxation. A session with Leanne can assist you with these 2 pieces of the puzzle. Leanne can help to enhance your healing process with a programme tailored to suit you.

Leanne is a mother of 2 busy young boys and she has come from a background working in the corporate world as a litigation lawyer. As such, she understands the daily pressures of corporate life, student life and managing a family/household. As a coping mechanism for alleviating the stress of the "daily grind" as a solicitor, Leanne discovered Yoga, Reflexology and Massage. All three (3) of these healing modalities became a passion that she has pursued and explored practically for 10 years now.
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