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Ivana Grkovic North Sore Sydney Psychotherapy Life Care

Ivana Grkovic

Counselling & Psychotherapy
BA App S.Science May Couns., BA Edu., Cert.IV Workplace Training+Ass., Cert. Existential Theory & Prac., Cert. Holistic Counselling & Life Care, Member CAPA

Ivana's own life experience, coupled with travelling around Australia counselling refugees, allows for empathy and true understanding on how to overcome adversity and in some cases your own mind. Within a safe, professional environment, and in using a range of contemporary therapy styles (person-centred, narrative therapy, existential therapy, mindfulness, CBT and solution-focus) you will receive psychotherapy that is proven and actually works.

These therapies combine to create a safe, respectful, creative space where you can begin to heal, explore your issues, and to gather strength for the journey ahead.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, events and circumstances challenge our ability to cope. We may be subject to thoughts and feelings that are painful, confusing, demoralising or anxiety provoking. Maybe we find ourselves acting in ways that are detrimental to ourselves or others. Perhaps we are facing difficult decisions or there is conflict and frustration in a relationship; it could be that things that happened in our past are sabotaging the present.

And nearly always, no matter what we are struggling with, there is a sense of aloneness that accompanies and compounds our difficulties.

If you relate to this, know that there are conversations to be had that can make a real difference. In a non-judgmental and patient spirit, Ivana will guide you through your healing journey. She is motivated to lead you to emotional relief, a revived sense of self and an increased ability to live in a manner aligned with your hopes, values and visions.

Change is possible. Ivana has had the privilege of witnessing it many times with the individuals and couples she has worked with. So, if you are ready for change maybe it is time to talk..

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