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ITA Energy Medicine
What is ITA Energy Medicine?
Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) is a modality of energy medicine created by Melaney Ryan. Melaney is a fourth generation energy worker with 30 years of clinical experience and an internationally recognised therapist.
ITA recognises that the physical and energetic body is made up of a number of interconnected systems. One symptom or issue can create areas of misalignment across numerous systems within the body. Therefore, all systems within the body need to be worked with to restore a natural balance and improve health and wellbeing.
    This technique aims to:
  1. Identify any blocks within the systems.
    These blocks can be as a result of physical symptoms, thought patterns formed by belief systems, behavioural conditions and/or trauma.
  2. Uncover the emotional root cause of an issue in a patient's life.
    This helps a patient understand what is stored in their systems and, if worked with properly, will alleviate the issue from recurring at a later date.
  3. Restore balance through energy alignments.
    ITA utilises chi to run sequenced patterns of energy to send a specific message to the subconscious mind. An ITA practitioner will work on the energy systems which are off the body, but will occasionally use acupressure on certain points on the body.
ITA Energy Medicine can assist with:
  • Balancing and aligning the physical and energetic systems of the bodies
  • Improved physiological and psychological health
  • Achieving emotional balance, a sense of inner peace and general wellbeing
  • Moving forward with clarity and direction in life
  • Identifying and working with the subconscious blocks that are preventing the attainment of goals
  • ***
    Connie Ng is the first practitioner to offer ITA energy medicine in Sydney and is excited to work with anyone who seeks to make positive change in their lives.
      She specialises in:
    • helping people improve physiological and psychological health;
    • understanding the emotional root cause underlying an issue;
    • moving forward with clarity and direction in life; and
    • finding emotional balance and an inner peace.
    Connie is a Tier 3 qualified ITA therapist and authorised instructor for the courses ITA Tier 1, ITA Movement and Learn to Meditate. For the past seven years, Connie has studied under the tutelage of Melaney Ryan (founder of ITA), and is passionate about sharing the knowledge of ITA energy medicine in order to help empower and transform the lives of her clients.
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